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Xanadu32's News

Posted by Xanadu32 - December 18th, 2013

Hey everyone! 

Just wanted to  get the word out there for my new website project's grand opening : 


It acts as a collection showcase and memory blog for the games I play. I review the games under the knife of a Game Dev's point of view. Finding out what designs I like or what could of been improved in the hopes of finding the perfect game formula. 

Updates come frequent so check back often!


Posted by Xanadu32 - December 20th, 2012

Heyoo NG~

I'm making a call out to any animator out there that would be willing to collaborate in a joint flash game venture.

Ive been working on a scratch engine for a side scrolling adventure game.
The core of the control structure is nearly complete but Im seriously lacking in art.

The only downside is Ive recently lost my animator, they quit essentially before started anything major.

The project itself would be relatively stress free. No hard deadlines or super picky details on the graphical elements.

You would be in charge of character design, background design, GUI elements, and cut scenes.

I wont lie, it will be a lot of work. The game's world is quite extensive with lots of characters to implement.

The project will yield some monetary return. We would definitely set up a shared payment when the project is complete.

If youre interested in hearing some more details about the game, send me a NG private message.

- Xan32

Posted by Xanadu32 - March 27th, 2011

Well Sonic Boom Cannon 3D is out, for any fans of the series.

-=link here=-

The night is young but I know it hasnt won any awards.
Not that it matters~ Its a fun game that I hope people will enjoy.

Onto my next projects~ Xan32

Posted by Xanadu32 - March 17th, 2011

Well the SBC3 game is nearly done, I just have to put on the final touches.
This project has really come together in the last week and Im seriously happy/proud of how its turned out

Im thinking of releasing it on... wait for it... drum roll

March 26th!

Thanks for all my fans who've requested the game, I hope they dont get disappointed with the slight redirection the series has taken. Ah well~

See you on the field~ Xanadu32

Posted by Xanadu32 - February 2nd, 2011

Well I finally finished that tedious intro video for my SBC3~ that was pretty much the hardest part.

I just have a few more things to finish in the game so if I put some real effort into it, I may be releasing it soon.

Posted by Xanadu32 - September 28th, 2010

Well I had planed to finish SBC3 this week but massive problems arose. my laptop decided to burn out its back light. Few days and over 2000$ later I have a top end new laptop that simply puts my other one to shame.

with this new power, expect to see more 3D content in the future.

as far as SBC3 is concerned, it may take a extra few weeks to complete but its coming, I swear it~

to make : shields, intro video(s), music/sound effects. credits, more visual effects, submission screen and other what nots.

Posted by Xanadu32 - August 4th, 2010

Well, bladesong is well under way. its progressing slowly but definitely always forward. Its probably one of the most complicated depth based side scroller engines I've ever written. Slowly but surely its coming together.

Sadly but also luckily the art takes a long time to craft and animate so that means I have a little free time on my hands in between graphic plugging. In said time I think I'll keep busy by working on Sonic Boom Cannon 3~ before my personal hiatus I had completed the core chunk of that game. It needs to be finished considering its my only popular series. I regret missing the 5 year anniversary of SBC1 and the one year anniversary one SBC2 but such is life. I guess I dont have a release date in mind, but it should be within the next month or two.

After that... hmm... maybe back to my monstrous Zelda game~ also which I have the core engine finished. Just for that one theres a thousand graphical pieces I need to craft.... owe my pixels XP

I'm looking to get semi famous for this Bladesong game~ Wish me luck X)

Posted by Xanadu32 - July 9th, 2010

New game / artist collaboration / its going to be huge in scale


Posted by Xanadu32 - May 25th, 2010

Well doesnt look like ill be able to make the May 25th release date like I had planned. ah wells, I put in a good effort but I guess I'm just too slow. May 25th would be the 5 year anniversary of the Sonic Boom Cannon 1 and I would of loved to of released it then.

Maybe I could always try to hit the 1 year anniversary of #2 which is just a few months away~
I have vacations to attend to in between

le grrrrr again

Posted by Xanadu32 - May 10th, 2010

I started on Sonic Boom Cannon 3... you jerks owe me big time for this >.0