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haha good ol SPC~

sadly ive never seen the anime and until this flash I didnt know there was a game. whats it for? NES? looks like it.

but anyways, nifty little flash. that background song is dam catchy haha. I think that bunny girl is going to haunt my dreams tonight =P

keep up the great work! grats on the front page as well!


I haven't reviewed anything in a while, but this was definitely worth quite a few of my words.

First off, what a amazing style. its almost like a pixelized vector movie.
The music was a perfect fit. It got me into an relaxed but attentive mood that allowed me to watch the entire movie.
and it was cute hehe.

Thanks for submitting this to newgrounds. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I have. Grats on the competition award, you definately earned it.

Rokkan-Saturn responds:

Haha, thanks a lot for so many kind words! I'm very flattered!
I'm very fond of pixel-art, and I feel like vectors just takes too much time to do, even though they're easier to animate. So I obviously chose pixel-art.
And thanks for the congratulations too!

yay! the great drakku has returned!

haha i feel like ive waited so long to see this XD I loved the first one.. watched it for a few hours straight XD (i need a life XP) but hey, I'm glad you've vastly immproved. keep up the great work ^^ please

~fan xan

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A major problem is feedback

I believe this is a fractal system is it not. Even with my math background I still cant my mind around them. But I've looked through this 'game' a couple times and no where does it say what it is exactly. not even in the creator comments.

Anyways, from the looks of it you have a very complex graphics creation engine going here. grats on that.

Well good luck. Like I said, this would be better if you just educate your viewers as to what it does. and some music might not hurt either

lawsuit lawsuit! - lawl

yep I wont lie to you, I only went to this game cause the title was pretty close to my own hedgehog cannon. but after playing through this game, I'm actually rather amused.

Solid build, great use of the music, and over all just very "fun" =)
I just couldn't stop laughing when I finally got the lil guy into space. Defiantly one of my new favs. Grats on the great work!

Well you beat me to it.

I was going to make a SSB game for one of my future projects. Well you beat me to it. I tip my hat to you. youve done a fine job.

For the record, dont listen to people, they dont know what thier talking about. Items in hands? way too many sprites. i would of skipped most of the items on my version. Online play? the hardest thing to do in flash. The voice actor? ok this i have to agree with. She may be a clear voice but she lacks dynamic.

My only tiff would be the one player controls. "o & p" next to the arrow keys? hand cramp anyone? Either make them setable or somewhere down the keyboard like "a & s"

Well ill beback to play more of this later. I hope to hear from you again. (msn)? perhaps.

See you on the field
~Xan32 - JT&co

Cleod-9 responds:

I'm thinking about customizable controls in the downloadable version. We will see though.

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hmm what to say...

I guess, one of the risks of remixing a song is that it becomes something thats not the song. I love bad apple, its currently the theme song of my days. but for me it's the lyrics that make me fall into a happy trance. the actual music to the song is relatively unmemorable and kinda squeaky.

but since this lacks the lyrics, and its a absolute alteration of the music to the point I dont even recognize it as bad apple. I'm pretty sure you can release this as a stand alone song without using the bad apple name as a crutch.

So on its own, its a pretty decent hard-style song. I think I will be listening to it on loop till I go to sleep tonight. Grats on the top 5 of the week~ and keep up the good work.

Lets see here...

I was rather surprised at the quality of this piece. I was a fan of the original song but wow, this one did it justice. I've never heard a remix of mad world before, grats on origenality.

The song itself is rather cryptic. If that makes sense. Its like I should be working on a rubric cube while inside of a clock tower while listening to this song. in other words, well done, well done. I think I'll listen to it another 40 times then move on.

MarkySpark responds:

You're Awesomeness is Awesome.

wow nicely done!

I saw the name and I had to check this out. quite a well made remix. its true to its roots and it has a house / heavy base addition. I love the part around 1:50. A simple slow down but hey, silence is a big part of music.

Well done~ Well done~

see you on the field : JT&co

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