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hmm what to say...

I guess, one of the risks of remixing a song is that it becomes something thats not the song. I love bad apple, its currently the theme song of my days. but for me it's the lyrics that make me fall into a happy trance. the actual music to the song is relatively unmemorable and kinda squeaky.

but since this lacks the lyrics, and its a absolute alteration of the music to the point I dont even recognize it as bad apple. I'm pretty sure you can release this as a stand alone song without using the bad apple name as a crutch.

So on its own, its a pretty decent hard-style song. I think I will be listening to it on loop till I go to sleep tonight. Grats on the top 5 of the week~ and keep up the good work.

Lets see here...

I was rather surprised at the quality of this piece. I was a fan of the original song but wow, this one did it justice. I've never heard a remix of mad world before, grats on origenality.

The song itself is rather cryptic. If that makes sense. Its like I should be working on a rubric cube while inside of a clock tower while listening to this song. in other words, well done, well done. I think I'll listen to it another 40 times then move on.

MarkySpark responds:

You're Awesomeness is Awesome.

wow nicely done!

I saw the name and I had to check this out. quite a well made remix. its true to its roots and it has a house / heavy base addition. I love the part around 1:50. A simple slow down but hey, silence is a big part of music.

Well done~ Well done~

country music?

it has a little of the country twang to it but hey, this is a great mellow song perfect for my mood right now. (head cold sickness / really tired / bored) XD

Thanks for the great music ^-^

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wow pretty cool remix, it gets cloudy in the middle but thats ok.
and you have inspired me 2 try 2 make my own song remix, i should get the first one with in a week, thanx

short but sweat!

this got me moving on to making me move to finnish one of my games....
behold the power of music!

I thought "what was so good about this..."

...then the beat hit me like a wall! BOOM!
this is great man!!!

see you on the field : JT&co

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