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A major problem is feedback

I believe this is a fractal system is it not. Even with my math background I still cant my mind around them. But I've looked through this 'game' a couple times and no where does it say what it is exactly. not even in the creator comments.

Anyways, from the looks of it you have a very complex graphics creation engine going here. grats on that.

Well good luck. Like I said, this would be better if you just educate your viewers as to what it does. and some music might not hurt either

lawsuit lawsuit! - lawl

yep I wont lie to you, I only went to this game cause the title was pretty close to my own hedgehog cannon. but after playing through this game, I'm actually rather amused.

Solid build, great use of the music, and over all just very "fun" =)
I just couldn't stop laughing when I finally got the lil guy into space. Defiantly one of my new favs. Grats on the great work!

Well you beat me to it.

I was going to make a SSB game for one of my future projects. Well you beat me to it. I tip my hat to you. youve done a fine job.

For the record, dont listen to people, they dont know what thier talking about. Items in hands? way too many sprites. i would of skipped most of the items on my version. Online play? the hardest thing to do in flash. The voice actor? ok this i have to agree with. She may be a clear voice but she lacks dynamic.

My only tiff would be the one player controls. "o & p" next to the arrow keys? hand cramp anyone? Either make them setable or somewhere down the keyboard like "a & s"

Well ill beback to play more of this later. I hope to hear from you again. (msn)? perhaps.

See you on the field
~Xan32 - JT&co

Cleod-9 responds:

I'm thinking about customizable controls in the downloadable version. We will see though.

omg that was crazzy!

you sir have shown me a new way to interact with music. I am inspired! i have to make something like this.... maybe. well anyways, I got to beat this game. wow.... keep up the good work. seriously wow

Well this is shock

I never expected this to be out so soon. Well, heavent we turned into a little game maker now hmm? very nicely done BDX! Very nice indeed. The scripts may be simple anough but youve exploited it to the max! heres a breakdown :
Graphics : sprites, what can beat sprites? (real animation - hey stfu inner n00b) great use of sprites and a welbalence of effects
Sound : use of classic sound tracks and some others i didnt reconized was a great mix.
Interactivity : best game yet. Most interactive and free flowing.

And after all that a promis for a quick FFSX6. not bad, not bad at all.

a very immpressive show of code

that must of taken a fair time to build. Here at NG, no one has respect for hard work. if it doesnt make the masses laugh or sit at the edge of thier seat due to thrilling action and intriging plots it will become just another piece of blammage. I voted five, i hope to see this pass. hard work deserves credit abd reward.


wow im glad more of these things are making it

the style continues. This makes it game #5? Pengu, Pengu 2, kitten canon, sonic boom canon, duck shoot and now the chicken chuck. your definatly one of the pioneers of this style of games. The idea of controlling the object as it flies is origenal as far as i know so good job. I hope to see more interesting games in the future.

wow, greatest NG gadget since the handbook

neat little toy you got here. I should look at your code to see how you wieghted the catigories. Well I feal special : $180.08$ So who wants to buy?

wow i cant beleive it!

you remade it with a bang! wow im impressed yiou did it so fast! I still love the classic mode though :P go blue dots. well congrats, i hope you win the contest or whatever it is. top score after 3 plays : 818

you know i found this surprisingly origenal

nice little minigame you got here. It would work perfectly as a preloader game or something. but on its own, yeah kinda small. I played it 4 times and got a high score of 530. good job.

see you on the field : JT&co

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