A call to game dev animators

2012-12-20 01:59:57 by Xanadu32

Heyoo NG~

I'm making a call out to any animator out there that would be willing to collaborate in a joint flash game venture.

Ive been working on a scratch engine for a side scrolling adventure game.
The core of the control structure is nearly complete but Im seriously lacking in art.

The only downside is Ive recently lost my animator, they quit essentially before started anything major.

The project itself would be relatively stress free. No hard deadlines or super picky details on the graphical elements.

You would be in charge of character design, background design, GUI elements, and cut scenes.

I wont lie, it will be a lot of work. The game's world is quite extensive with lots of characters to implement.

The project will yield some monetary return. We would definitely set up a shared payment when the project is complete.

If youre interested in hearing some more details about the game, send me a NG private message.

- Xan32


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2013-03-25 16:24:01

I recently saw this site and now this topic! I would like to help you as an animator! Pm me.