Entry #17

Game Dev Gamer Launch!

2013-12-18 13:35:56 by Xanadu32

Hey everyone! 

Just wanted to  get the word out there for my new website project's grand opening : 


It acts as a collection showcase and memory blog for the games I play. I review the games under the knife of a Game Dev's point of view. Finding out what designs I like or what could of been improved in the hopes of finding the perfect game formula. 

Updates come frequent so check back often!


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2013-12-18 15:33:58

This is my first visit to your page. I've just looked at your website and I can't wait to start reading.
I'm a game collector myself and I'm looking forward to reading what you've written.
Good luck man!


2015-05-07 14:50:49

Hello , first of all , I drew me a little your ad , I am a novice artist and if I love to create a game , as if to draw but not program , have several ideas in mind, but a big problem is that I could not work in equipment, since it is the first time I would do this , I have some time , so if like me could help , but that if it can not ensure commit , hope I have not bothered and good luck