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Xanadu32's News

Posted by Xanadu32 - April 11th, 2010

Things are slow.... that is all...

Posted by Xanadu32 - January 3rd, 2010

Wells the old post was boring me so heres some new news and updates.

Zelda : the shatter mask, epically slow to produce but a massive amount of effort has gone into it already. Its looking "pretty good".

My old collaborator square has resurfaced, we might rapid produce a small game some time this week so keep a eye out for that.

Other than that, life has been keeping me busy. Way busier than I expected. We'll see what will happen.

~ Xan32

Posted by Xanadu32 - September 1st, 2009

Well I'm bored. And like most of you, I do weird things when I'm bored. I've been just craving a small relief from my massive solo flash games this week. So this is my proposal--

For any experienced animator thats about to finish their film some time this week (or so), I am willing to program a preloader or midmovie minigame to your liking.

heres some details
- I wont work for garbage spam animators. I'm not asking for the best, B rate will do fine.
- I will require a co-author or programmer NG credit
- if there is the ad-revenue sharing program in affect, my share is optional, ill like you more if I'm included but 100% optional
- I would like to see a advanced screening of your film so I know who and what I'm working with. Don't worry, your swf is safe with me =P
- I'll brain storm ideas with you. The game ideally should reflect a concept of the movie itself. if not, we'll talk.

Tech specs
- The best I can work with is flash 8 AS2
- if its a drawn movie I may require you to do the graphics work for me. I can program the rest easily.

I'll be happy to work with you. PM me if you're interested and I'll tell you how to contact me from there.

In other news, if you nintendo fans havent already noticed, the Wii Internet browser is now free to download and its been upgraded to flash lite 3.1 (aka flash 8 equivalent). It can play movies or any games that require point and click or typing. sadly arrow key based games cannot be played.

So anyone whos looking to play home brewed games with the Wiimote, heres your chance! I tested it on some of my old games today and its alot of fun. So I urge you, make more point and click adventures! or at least mouse based games. They're simple, and they're now for your Wii!
---- edit -----
Someone has shown me that the wiimote buttons can be used. I'll figure out what he did and post a tutorial later. good luck New Wii Game Devs!


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first youtube vid, squee :3

Posted by Xanadu32 - July 12th, 2009

Well its finally out, my year long project that Ive been slaving away at.
My sonic boom cannon 2 ..... was a bust. I'm still severely proud of what I accomplished but it was not adopted by the masses in the way I had hoped.


Newgrounders - if they cant beat it in 5 minutes or less than it isn't worth playing through to the end.
sure there was some support, but come on a daily 10th? kinda insulting for a years worth of hard solo work.

ah well, I hope that a small group of MMORPG players enjoy this. Submit a score or three if you got time.

Well im off to work on my next massive project. Don't worry its a linear adventure that wont require grinding. but it wont be short! ~ Xan32

Posted by Xanadu32 - July 3rd, 2009

While I'm waiting for the Fulps to implement my medals for sonic boom cannon 2, I finished a small Kirby music video I started nearly two years ago for the sT.T7.

Kodo - Into The Kirby

Do enjoy ^-^

Posted by Xanadu32 - June 17th, 2009

Hey everyone, I'm about to finish up on my newest (and biggest) game; Sonic Boom Cannon 2! I just need to add a few more sound effects (if anyone has the voice clips from sonic 2006 let me know) and its off to newgrounds!

I cant wait! I've been working on this game for over a year. I may even add some medals to the game (if I can figure them out in time). I was hoping that the automated system would be finished by now.

See you on the field ~ Xan32
ps: so excited for the release X)

Posted by Xanadu32 - March 10th, 2009

Wells im alive! Its been aseveral years away from flash but I've managed to get my 10 newgrounds points a day and now I'm making more flash. I have several games and movies in the works. I hope I can release one of them soon!

See you on the field : JT&co